The Writers of Kern Dan McGuire Blog Challenge begins today! Twenty-six posts over the next 13 weeks. It’s a challenge, alright. But it’s so satisfying to complete it. I’ve done it two different years.

The first year, my theme was “A-Z meaningful places,” and I wrote about those places and how they fit into my life. Some were destinations to which I’d traveled. Others were areas where I had spent a slice of my life. It was a great trip down “Memory Lane.”

For my second blog challenge, I wrote A-Z motorcycling stories. These were tales of trips, scenery, and adventures, and I also gave information about various aspects of motorcycling (i.e. safety gear).

That was the year I was planning to sell my beloved bike, Big Red. Writing the posts helped me through the process and wrap my head around the fact that I would no longer be an active rider. So by the time my friend Carla bought Big Red and came to pick her up, I had already dealt with the “loss” of that part of my identity.

So, the Blog Challenge serves multiple purposes–for the good of both writers and readers.

As the Writers of Kern motto states, “Just Write.”