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Rocky Path

We sometimes wonder “how did I get here?” to this place in our lives, and we think back to decisions made along the way. We’re where we are because of decisions made (by us or for us) along the way. The OctPoWriMo prompt for Day 28 asks us to consider decisions, paths, and journeys.

Rocky Path


pile up


And hold

or topple

We juggle between

one hand

and the other

Stick them out

or abandon

as we see fit

Coming to decisions



whip our lives around


to unimagined


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Poetry writing

Where’s the Magic

The theme of Day 27 for OctPoWriMo is magic–in keeping with the time of year. For me, the small triumphs and wonders of childhood and parenthood are magical.


 Where’s the Magic
 The magic happens
 When children realize 
 they can let go while standing
 The magic happens
 When they realize 
 you’ve let go and they’re riding
 The magic happens
 When children realize
 they recognize a word in print
 they can tie their shoes
 they get a joke and laugh
 In the eyes of their parents 
 The magic happens 
 every single day
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Poetry writing

The Same, Yet Different

The Day 26 prompt for OctPoWriMo asked the question: “What in your life made you different or the same?”

 The Same, Yet Different

 Brown skin, dark hair braided
 Like a loaf of challah
 I could have been any 5th grade girl
 At the Marcy School scout meeting.
 But I was me
 The girl who’d spent months waiting
 Since too few troop leaders meant
 Not enough room for all of us to join.
 At a table in the Marcy School library
 I waited in eager anticipation
 Watched the green-uniformed girl scouts
 Invade the space I considered sacred.
 They ran, screamed, crawled under tables
 Caromed books from fist to fist
 Nudged Mrs. Piggle Wiggle off her shelf
 Onto the speckled, gray linoleum floor!
 But I was me
 The girl who, though, she’d spent months
 Waiting to become a Girl Scout,
 Stood up and walked away.
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