Poetry writing


What makes a person vulnerable? We’re open for criticism as we allow our real selves to be evident, open, exposed. But we also show our humanity, what it is we’re made of, how we operate in the world.

Today’s OctPoWriMo topic is vulnerability. Haiku was one of the suggested forms. Here’s my haiku:

If tears make someone

vulnerable, I’m the queen.

Crying is my strength.

Poetry writing


It's October Poetry Writing Month 
(aka OctPoWriMo)Get a new prompt in your inbox
each day in October and choose to write to the 
prompt -- or not. 
But a great way to plant poetry seeds that may
later grow into full-fledged poems. Or, you 
might be one of those fortunate souls who can 
jot off a finished poem on demand.

Here's my first poem for the 2020 OctPoWriMo.

October 1, 2020 – Shine a Light
In times of chaos, division
Where are the answers
To the ever-burning questions
Of what and who and how?
May unsullied eyes perceive
The pathway to the prize
And, never blinking
Shine their light,
Lead the way.