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“Where there is light, there must be shadow,

 where there is shadow there must be light.”

-Haruki Murakami

“…Light, dark, and shadow. Our lives are filled with all three and you can’t have one without the others. It is when we learn to embrace all three, that our voice grows strong and fills our words with heart…”

-Morgan Dragonwillow, Poet and Originator of OctPoWriMo

 Leaving the loathing 
 she disappears in darkness.
 Outside, the firelight 
 Ceremony cleanses.
 Ashes disperse skyward
 Phantoms take flight, fade
 Heart hearkens,
 Alive to peace
 Awash in awareness
 Thirst for selfhood
 Slaked at last
 Freedom found
 And in the gloaming
 Grasped by hungry hands. 
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Poetry writing

I Am a Child of the 50s

I Am a Child of the 50s

 Saturday matinees
 On the silver screen
 Crisp cowboys wear
 10-gallon hats
 Either white or black
 on their perceived goodness
 In our Columbus neighborhood
 We  pony up
 On bright Schwinn steeds
 Grab broomstick rifles 
 holster toy six-shooters
 ride hard 
 to the end
 of Mooberry Street.
 In that empty lot of rutted paths,
 Ohio burdock our tumbleweed,
 white vs. black hats
 Choose sides
 practice right and wrong, 
 rescue, die, survive, 
 prepare for life. 
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Poetry writing

Follow the Tracks

Train from Durango to Silverton, 2009

 Follow the Tracks
 What lies beyond
 What we now see
 We cannot know for sure
 We dream our dreams
 And set our goals
 Hold them tight, secure
 Eyes on the prize
 We work, we strive 
 But each must dare endure
 The length and curves 
 Life’s tracks laid down,
 Our directions, never sure