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“Where there is light, there must be shadow,

 where there is shadow there must be light.”

-Haruki Murakami

“…Light, dark, and shadow. Our lives are filled with all three and you can’t have one without the others. It is when we learn to embrace all three, that our voice grows strong and fills our words with heart…”

-Morgan Dragonwillow, Poet and Originator of OctPoWriMo

 Leaving the loathing 
 she disappears in darkness.
 Outside, the firelight 
 Ceremony cleanses.
 Ashes disperse skyward
 Phantoms take flight, fade
 Heart hearkens,
 Alive to peace
 Awash in awareness
 Thirst for selfhood
 Slaked at last
 Freedom found
 And in the gloaming
 Grasped by hungry hands. 
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By heyannis

Poet. Author of You Can't Have It All. Available on
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3 replies on “Dawning”

I’m hoping to find some new poems here, Annis. But I still love the imagery here in this poem from last year, perhaps written during the pandemic that somehow conveys that sense of freedom (despite constraints inner and outer), and that the poem comes from your meditating on light, dark, and shadow. Beautiful.

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