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Sweet vs. Savory

Recent OctPoWriMo prompts asked us to explore the five senses. Today’s is taste.

Sweet vs. Savory

This year I learned 
savory’s my favorite,
Observed the turn
When I chose
bread over cake,
Quiche over custard,
Salsa and hummus.
Like this simple dish
of three ingredients:
Cooked lentils
And feta cheese
A concoction
That assumes
the persona
Of salad, side dish
Appetizer with chips
And quenches cravings
In record time.

By heyannis

Poet. Author of You Can't Have It All. Available on
Contributor in ENOUGH "Say Their Names..." Messages from Ground Zero to the WORLD. Available at

Life Coach, Speaker, Writing Teacher, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Copy Editor.

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