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Abcderian for Peace

For Day 17 of OctPoWriMo:

The prompt wasn’t working for me today, but the suggested form, an Abcderian, a 26-line poem, each line beginning with the next letter of the alphabet, sounded like fun.

Abcderian for Peace
Accompany the
Breath with a mantra,
Clear and short sounds.
Dare we call them words?
Every inhale and exhale
Finds its rhythm, almost
How many times have
I read about this peace
Juxtaposed against chaos
Kin opposites brought to
Light of day. But
Most folks unaware
Nod off to
Oblivion.  We must
Pay attention,
Question, then
Reconnoiter and
Steer ourselves
Toward tranquility, toward
Understanding. It’s no time for
Vacuity. Let calm replace an-
Xiety and fear. Allow no
Yahoos to tamper with our
Zeal for balance, for peace.

By heyannis

Poet. Author of You Can't Have It All. Available on
Contributor in ENOUGH "Say Their Names..." Messages from Ground Zero to the WORLD. Available at

Life Coach, Speaker, Writing Teacher, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Copy Editor.

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