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Poet Wanda Olugbala’s second tribute to Toni Morrison.

fearfree living

i am
finding it difficult to
catch my breath this
grief has taken hold of me
reached into the crevices of
who i am or at least who
i thought i would be
living, here, in this world where
her voice remains knowing those
were the last words she would
fold into themselves dishing
them out to us just as
twisted and delicious as
big mama’s famous checkerboard
cake where chocolate
met vanilla and became
i honestly thought i
knew what love is, i
thought i understood it
having sat across from it
in rooms full of strangers
having drank deeply from
it’s chalice while friends held
back my hair but really what  do i
love more than words
what really am i if not
take me
mold me
trap me in this too
small life with this too
big child making every

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